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‘Good marks cause a good career’, - one famous proverb says. Your employer will observe your diploma with marks to determine are you good enough to work at his company. How hr-managers can make a decision who will be the right one from numerous candidates? As yesterday’s student you can ... Review

Campus life allows you living your life to the fullest: visit parties, go out, see friends, travel and do what you want. But your amazing life can be failed if urgent problems occur. One of the most challenging situations for student is to juggle priorities. You may feel deep responsibility ... Review

Being a student has lots of advantages: you have been studying something new every day. Both university and society give you so much inspiration, skills, experience, as you’ll never obtain again in the future. A campus life is a great time to discover world and yourself, travel, see new places, ... Review

Your professor prepared for you final task before exam - a serious research paper. Often this kind of control allows getting more credits to reach high mark for subject. That’s why it’s your opportunity to achieve a fine reputation and good marks in diploma. But sometimes it’s a great challenge ... Review

Imagine situation: you have been studying at university and trying to study alongside employment. It allows you getting additional cash for incidental expenses, useful experience and skills, new friends, etc. Frankly speaking it’s quite hard but you can handle it, till the precious on you will increase. Your professor asserts ... Review

As numerous researches said one student passes at least 200 kinds of control. Being a student make you waste all your spare time on studying. And very often you have no time to sleep or eat slowly. What can be said about leisure time or holidays? You may forget about ... Review

You are studying right now and have lots to deal with: decide where to go, which country you would like to visit, how to spend your spare time. But good marks are also in demand, because in the future they will provide you with professional and personal privileges while job ...